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From: Hunsicker, Philip (DNR) [
Subject: New Resources: How to Search for Zebra Mussels


Hello AIS Partners,


In our work with you, we have heard requests for better guidance on how to search for zebra mussels. DNR staff worked to create these resources to meet your needs. It is a simple guidance document for citizens that are interested in searching for zebra mussels on their lake or river and a tracking spreadsheet and report card for local government staff coordinating these volunteer efforts. The attachments are as follows:


1.                   How to Search for Zebra Mussels – details search and reporting methods.

2.                   Zebra Mussel Absence Report Spreadsheet – a way to track search efforts. This could be sent to each volunteer if they prefer to record their data electronically. Coordinators can compile volunteer data each year into this spreadsheet and share it with the DNR.

3.                   Zebra Mussel Absence Report Postcard – a reminder card for volunteers to perform and record their search efforts. Volunteers can send this “report card” to you at the end of the season.


If you have any questions about these documents, please let us know.


Finally, please let us know if you test out these resources this season. Let us know what worked well, what challenges you encountered, and what improvements could be made. We want this to be as useful as possible for those of you implementing these types of initiatives on the ground. We will gather feedback and update the resources as needed for next season.


As always, thank you for all the work that you do!


Your Friendly AIS Prevention Planners

Tina & Phil


Philip Hunsicker

Brainerd, MN



How to Search for Zebra Mussels .pdf

Zebra Mussel Absence Report Spreadsheet               
Your Name                  
Your Contact Information (Phone or Email)                  
Today's Date                  
All suspect new zebra mussel findings must be reported to the DNR immediately. This form is for absence reports only.       
Complete a new row for each search event. Refer to "Instructions" tab for more details on how to complete this spreadsheet.      
County Water Body Name Water Body ID (DOW#) Search Location within the Water Body Volunteer Name Search Method (Sampler, Lake Bottom, Equipment, Other) Substrate Type                 (settling plate, dock, lift, swim raft, water intake line, bouys, anchor block, rocks, wood, etc.) Estimated Time Spent Searching (Minutes) Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Additional Notes
Example: Ramsey  Como 62005500 North Bay Tina Wolbers  Equipment Docks 20 minutes 9/30/2017 very windy, difficult to see in the water
Example: Hennepin  Riley  10000200 Public Boat Launch Tina Wolbers  Lake Bottom Rocks, wood, plants, debris  30 minutes 7/1/2017 Snorkeled around access with spotter for safety
Example: Laq qui Parle  Marsh Lake 6000100 Marsh Lake, Peterson State Water Access Site Tina Wolbers  Sampler Settling Plate  10 minutes 6/1/2017 Marsh Lake on the Minnesota River, with permission from administrator - DNR Division of Parks and Trails



Your Name: ___________________

Phone or Email: ________________

County: _______________________

Water Body Name: ______________

DOW#: _______________________


Location in Water Body: ______________________________

Search Method(s) and Date(s):


This card is for absence reports only. If you think you found a zebra mussel, report it to the DNR immediately.


Thank you for your efforts!



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