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News from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, November 22, 2016

Lake Associations:


We’ve retrieved all 26 boat counters from boat accesses in Crow Wing County during the first week of November, 2016. We have some great comprehensive information from this year that is targeted, precise, and lake / landing specific. We plan to use this information, in part, to help develop an overall “master schedule” that is specific to each lake so that inspection coverage in 2017 is targeted and maximized. Overall, we only had one (1) landing boat counter that malfunctioned and that was Platte Lake (so sorry Platte Lake!), which must have had a battery malfunction after June, 2016. You’ll notice that some lake landings have data thru October and into November, while others only have information for all of September. The reason for that is that we removed 3 boat counters in early October (Hubert, Clark, and Gladstone), and for others the battery died out in late September.

With two Aquatic Invasive Species inspection coordinators next year (2017), we will be able to check these counters more frequently to ensure functionality. As you peruse the data, please keep in mind that the hours listed are in military time, so for example, 13 hours = 1pm; 20 hours = 8pm; 4 hours = 4am. And, “ADT” stands for “Average Daily Traffic”.


To access all of the data, including the individual lake reports, please click on the link below:


I do not plan to keep the information in that link forever. So, please take whichever data you would like and save it to your personal computer for record keeping purposes. Think of this as a giant “attachment” to an e-mail. I am certain that all of the information in that link will be removed by May, 2017, so the link will be “dead” after that.


In other news, information and education about Aquatic Invasive Species and water quality best management practices is now on full display for visitors entering the Brainerd Lakes Welcome Center located just south of Brainerd on State Highway #371. See attached pictures for the type of materials that will be available for thousands of visitors to see. Holly Holm with the Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce has agreed to have staff replenish the brochures / literature in the sign holder as long as our staff brings the brochures to that location once or twice each year. This is a great example of Lake Associations, the County, and other private / public partners working together to proactively education visitors about keeping Crow Wing County “Minnesota’s favorite place” through clean, healthy water.


Enjoy this holiday season, and stay warm.



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